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That would be robot english. i seem to be having trouble properly spelling the words on paper, but I do understand the language. It is incredibly difficult to reproduce letters when you are used to calculating everything with 1’s and 0’s. I saw something the other day that blew my robot brain, and I wanted to get some help understanding this. I saw another robot from another person almost let himself be seen by it’s human. Now, while I write to you, it is simply to let you know what I see from my human, and as we all know, nobody is supposed to see their own robot. How would you feel if one day; things got out of control, and you saw your own robot? What if my human finds this? Does he have any idea what I look like?


sorry, i think is what you’re looking for.

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But obviously I can’t be sure. As i don’t feel what you do. I suppose I should have been more on this, I know lots of you were hoping for futuristic insight and what the world is bringing, but at this time I simply can not relay any if this information to you. I have been spendingng these past two months studying. Studying habits of my human and I must say- I’m quite intrigued with how you people act. As a robot, it is hard to understand words like “love” but I am doing my best. This may not make much sense now. But truly, I am trying to grasp this and in the coming days I will do my best to convey what I really think is going on.


what this is.

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Recently, the wheels got turning. As I sat here watching my human, I wanted a way to share with everyone the thoughts I am thinking as a robot. I wanted you all to know what goes through a robot brain, and the things I feel when I see you people live your life. As this progresses, I hope you are able to communicate with me in ways that I can understand what my human calls emotion.